Hospitals & Health Systems

Crosby Health works with healthcare organizations from small hospitals to multi-facility health systems.


All-in-one platform for managing your clinical denials

Arm your appeal teams with an operating system to appeal every denial. Allowing Clinicians to focus on patient care not denial management.


Crosby Health's Apollo has is the most advanced clinical LLM. Trained on millions of provider encounters, Apollo can analyze provider documentation and draft robust argumentation for medical necessity.

Small Balance Recovery

From Professional fee to hospital billing, our AI generates appeal for every denial, no matter how small. Eliminating write-offs and decreasing your cost to collect.

Unified Submission

A single platform for every insurance company. Eliminating multiple portal log ins and calling/faxing to payors. We handle it all.

Reporting Automation

Automated Reporting Directly to Your Inbox.

Put data discovery on autopilot. Crosby Health unlocks key metrics about your clinical denials, all delivered to your fingertips on a weeky or monthly basis.

Dollars and cents

Track every dollar from the initial denial to final resolution and understand the true status of your A/R.

Team Productivity

Crosby Health creates granular insights into team productivity and enables appeal specialists to increase appeal rates and reduce downtime.

Payor Reporting

Understand how every payor is treating your organizations. From unnecessary denials to bad payor practices, we arm you with every data point.

Major Integrations

We seamlessly partner with your EHRs and payers

Crosby Health connects to all to all your EHR and billing systems to create a turnkey appeals experience.


Our implementation teams are best in class, with the average Heath System spending only 11.5 hours on implementation.

Government and Commercial Payors

Crosby Health integrates directly into CMS and most commercial payors to submit and track appeals.

Data Enrichment

EHR data is automatically enriched by Crosby Health to put into a format that can be submitted with an appeal..