Faster Claim Resolution

Crosby's advanced RCM technology accelerates your claim resolution by 95%, turning weeks into hours and boosting your cash flow.


Reduction in Claim Denials

With Crosby's predictive analytics, experience up to an 80% reduction in claim denials. Our proactive approach identifies and resolves issues before they result in lost revenue.


Increase in Revenue Recovery

Leverage Crosby's expert-driven appeals to witness an increase in revenue recovery. Our precision-targeted appeal letters mean more overturned denials and reclaimed income for your practice.

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Crosby Appeals

Crosby Appeals combines advanced AI with seasoned clinical expertise. We pull data directly out of the medical record and our clinical appeal writers craft the best arguments for medical necessity.

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Maximize Your Revenue with CrosbyRCM.

Crosby Health revolutionizes revenue cycle management for small healthcare practices by streamlining billing processes and maximizing reimbursements

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